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Call us @ 928-367-0423

While we hope we have designed this to ensure that you have a great shopping experience and the ability to browse our current (and accurate) inventory 24/7, we strongly encourage you to call us for availability on any vehicle you may be interested in.

Although we do strive to maintain this site in “real time”, the reality is that sometimes we may get busy and not have had the opportunity to update the particular car or truck you may be looking at, so please just call us. If we know exactly what it is you’re looking for we can do our utmost to ensure it is sitting here waiting for you, we simply hate the thought of a customer (or potential customer) driving over with the intentions of seeing a vehicle that is no longer available.

Looking for a specific vehicle, drop us an email and maybe we can help. Or let us know if you would like to have a vehicle appraised for trade-in, while we cannot provide a concrete estimate without seeing it, we may be able to give a good ball park figure based on the information you provide. (please be as detailed as possible).


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